Custom Cutting & Bending of Rebar & Dowel Bars

Cutting & Bending of Rebar & Dowel Bars
Cutting & Bending of Rebar & Dowel Bars

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Our in-house rebar cutting and bending capabilities at Metal Partners International provide us with the ability to customize standard rebar sizes for customers in a variety of industries. Having rebar cut and bent prior to shipment saves valuable time and space at the jobsite. Our heavy duty equipment is capable of bending or cutting any size rebar we carry in any quantities to accommodate any order from small projects to large construction jobs.

All that is required from customers is a spec list of all of the reinforcement products needed for the project. From that point, our team can cut, bend, bundle, package, and palletize everything into as few shipments as possible, depending on the quantity of material. This significantly reduces required material handling on the job site and allows customers to prepare the structure quickly. For precision applications, rebar can be cut on the band saw to maintain tolerances as tight as ±0.0625".

We have over 20 locations throughout the US which allows us to serve customers on a national level while maintaining a local presence in major industrial areas. By making customer service a priority, our team continues to thrive on a national level. The lead time for each project is evaluated on a job by job basis depending on the project parameters. However, by maintaining a large inventory of material, we are able to quickly respond to customers’ needs to fit tight schedules as needed. For additional information about our custom rebar cutting and bending capabilities, see the table below, or contact us directly.

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